From Sample to Sequence

From Manual to Automated Processes

No room for ambiguity

When doing genotyping, pathogen testing or biomarker discovery in agriculture, food industry, healthcare or biomedical research there is one common challenge: Getting huge cohorts of samples processed while generating reliable, unambiguous genomic information. Find out how you can increase your throughput and reduce cost per sample without compromising the quality of your results.

Nucleic Acid Preparation and Cloning

The outcome of any downstream analysis highly depends on the quality of the initial steps of sample collection, homogenisation and nucleic acid purification. Whether you are interested in manual sample processing or aim to establish automation in your lab – here you will find solutions adaptable to your needs and capable to increase your efficiency.

Automated circulating cfDNA extraction from 8 ml samples

Circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) holds great clinical significance for non-invasive disease detection, diagnosis and monitoring.

Omega Bio-tek has developed a fully automated solution to extract cfDNA from 8 mL volumes from 48 samples in 2.5 hours.

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Amplification & NGS

Inform yourself and get equipped with everything needed to obtain reliable, non-biased PCR results as well as qPCR or NGS data. From quality consumables and reagents to most advanced thermal cyclers. Don't forget to avoid cross contamination by using filter tips. And to reach the highest protection level - what about adding a PCR workstation to your lab?

Introducing the new VWR® thermal cycler XT96

Latest technology and German manufacturing quality ensuring good results, quick programming and maximum reliability. All this at an incredible price!

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Detection & Quantitation

Accurate concentration and purity measurements of extracted DNA and RNA are key to ensure reproducibility and significance of experimental data. Our selection of spectrophotometers, for both microvolume and high-throughput applications, will provide state of the art technology you can rely on. For high-resolution separation and detection of even the faintest bands explore our PerfectBlue range for electrophoresis and our VWR gel imaging systems.

Molecular devices, SpectraMax® QuickDrop™ micro-volume Spectrophotometer

Micro-volume spectrophotometer exceptional at analyzing nucleic acid samples, setting new standards for speed, accuracy and flexilibity.

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