B2B Services

VWR International offers business-to-business (B2B) e-procurement integration to extend and optimise control of your supply chain.

Imagine one portal for a majority of your spend activities! VWR can bring a new level of automation and efficiency to your purchasing activities to help control costs and increase productivity.

Our key differentiator is our people who provide extensive process insight. Through a team approach, they deliver the skills, ingenuity and breadth of experience to fully support your integration, even prior to software selection. Each of our technically adept and experienced project managers specializes in specific integration protocols to assure optimal results.

Richard Taylor


e-Procurement Applications

VWR has invested in technology to develop interfaces to the major e-proceurement software providers...

Supported Protocols

General protocols in use...

Project Management

What can you expect from your VWRI eBusiness Project Manager?

B2B Brochure

More than just a webshop...

VWR has invested in technology to develop interfaces to the major e-proceurement software providers listed below.

We now have experience in many of the electronic message types in the communication of documents between these providers and VWR's back-end systems.

This page details the general protocols in use between VWR and our customers. If you have a requirement that is not listed here please email richard.taylor@vwr.com  on or alternatively call us on 01455 207078 and ask for the e-Business department.

B2B Connectivity

  • CXML ("Punchout")
  • Open Catalogue Interface (OCI 4.0) – (SAP Standard)

Static Catalogue and Price Files

  • BMECAT 1.2
  • Excel/Access
  • .TXT
  • .CIF

Electronic Documents

Electronic integration refers to the computer-to-computer transmission of business information between trading partners. VWR International has been at the forefront of providing support and commitment to our customers, as well as a strong advocate and supporter of industry standards in electronic commerce.

In that spirit, we are proud to share with you our services to help you, our partners, become more efficient, reduce your costs, and improve the accuracy and response time for your transactions with VWR.

Supported Data Formats and Transactions

Most Message Types including:

  • Order
  • Order Confirmation
  • Order Acknowlegment
  • Advance Shipping Notice
  • Invoicing with digital signature

Are available through the following protocols:

  • cXML
  • xCBL
  • EDI
  • FTP
  • TXT File
  • e-Mail attachment file

Our experienced, professionally trained Project Managers follow a proven methodology to ensure problem free integrations that position our customers e-commerce initiatives for success. Your VWRI Integration Project Manager will coordinate and facilitate all project related activities and VWRI resources necessary throughout the life of the project.

Each Phase of the Project Lifecycle has important deliverables, all of which are carefully managed and documented in accordance with a mutually agreed upon Project Plan.


Our Business-to-Business Managers are happy to assist our customers with vwr.com, website navigation training to help ensure that the user community are comfortable finding their way around and are using our array of tools and search capabilities to optimize efficiency.

We offer:

  • Site navigation documentation
  • Quick reference desktop guides
  • Customised customer training materialOn-site training to suit your needs

More Than Just a Webshop

Requisitioning, approval workflows, order transmission, advance shipping notice, order tracking, goods receipt and invoicing are just a few areas where VWR International can benefit our customers through B2B. This will enable streamlined efficient process flows for both our customers using vwr.com as well as those utilising E-Procurement tools or third party software solutions.