Safe labs rely on smart hand protection from Ansell

As a laboratory researcher, every day you are exposed to a variety of harmful chemicals, mechanical risks and hazardous substances that put you at risk of potential injury.
Have confidence that you and your research are well protected by selecting the correct personal protective equipment.

Try Ansell's innovative hand protection solutions designed to protect against everyday lab hazards.

White paper: Hand protection for laboratories

Specific requirements for hand protection prevail for working with a wide range of chemicals as well as specialised equipment in a laboratory environment.

Download our white paper to learn more about the specific hand protection needs of today’s laboratory researchers, and our extensive range of solutions that help meet them.


Chemical hazards

Are you confident your gloves protect you from adverse health effects caused by chemical exposure?

Biological hazards

Do you carry out sensitive biochemical or microbiological research that can put you at risk of contamination?

Physical hazards

Are your hands protected from cuts and scrapes when handling knives or scalpels?