Downstream purification for vaccines

During subsequent steps for vaccine concentration and clarification, followed by passage through several filtration steps and chromatography columns, it is critical that vaccine purity, potency, and consistency be maintained.

Similarly, for mammalian systems where the target vaccine is secreted into the culture medium and then processed through similar steps (except lysis) the same holds true for ensuring vaccine quality.

To achieve this, our offering of stability, low-pH, low salt/high salt, equilibration, elution buffers, and individual buffer components is ideal.

Lastly, when removing recombinant baculovirus via chemical inactivation in an insect expression system, J.T.Baker® and VWR detergents should also be considered. Dilution of detergent activity is achieved by the dilution using buffers.

Explore solutions for downstream purification of vaccines

Explore product choices for downstream purification of vaccines

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