Chemical Innovations

Merck Smartchemicals - more products added in 2021!

Make your titration with Mettler Toledo instrument more secure with these SmartChemicals with RFID label.

VWR Chemicals new standards for petrochemistry

More than 500 calibration standards and reference materials for petrochemistry! These standards are essential to control oils, lubricants, fuel, gasoline… according to international norms such as ASTM or IP standard methods.

VWR Chemicals complete range of standards for environmental analysis (COD, TOC and TIC)

Many new ranges (TOC, TIC or turbidity) have recently been developed for a broad and routine set of applications. They can be used on a wide variety of instruments. You will find all these products here.

VWR Chemicals - more HiperSolv CHROMANORM® LC-MS reagents

LC-MS methods are continually improving to offer better sensitivity to meet today’s demands. New grades (Methanol ULTRA plus), new solvents (n-Hexane and n-Heptane) and many other ready to use' mixes to cover all LC-MS applications.

VWR Chemicals - ion-pair reagent range extension

For HPLC gradient elution, a complete range of ion-pair reagents which exhibit minimal extinction in the low UV region, and excellent transparency down to 200 nm, even at high concentrations.

VWR Chemicals for pilot and scale-up - more than 100 larger pack sizes available!

For the scale-up and production requirements, more than 100 substances (acids, alkalis, salts and solvents) in big packs (>25 kg/l) have been launched in different grades (AnalaR® NORMAPUR®, GPR RECTAPUR® or TECHNICAL).

VWR Chemicals: New organic substances

Common organic substances available in different pack sizes to support you every day in organic synthesis and scale up.

VWR Chemicals - Reag. Ph. Eur standard colour solutions in a kit

Complete range of colour standard solutions according to chapters 2 and 4 of the current European Pharmacopoeia. These VWR® kits are ready to use, and are dedicated to help you save time and money.

VWR Chemicals - UV/Vis standard kits for spectrophotometer calibration

A complete range of standards according to European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) to calibrate spectrophotometers on the control of absorbance, resolution power, stray light and wavelength accuracy.

More choices of anhydrous solvents with septum caps

Our anhydrous solvents range in 250 ml and 500 ml septum-sealed glass bottles has been extended with 8 new solvents.

Reference materials for reliable calibration in volumetry

The titer of volumetric solutions can vary over time, so periodic verification is advisable, especially for the extremely dilute solutions.

Nitric acid fuming 99% available in 2 additional grades

If you need the most concentrated nitric acid, we're now able to offer 2 new grades of nitric acid fuming 99%.