Process debottlenecking in buffer and media prep using enhanced raw material release/delivery strategies


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Higher titers in monoclonal antibody processes and newer cell & gene therapy products have introduced various new technologies into the biopharma market. While these new technologies have furthered the field as a whole they have also generated several new challenges in raw material management from a regulatory, quality and supply chain standpoint.

Typical biologic manufacturing consumes hundreds of raw materials including media, supplements, single-use systems, process chemicals, filters, resins, and excipients. Buffers are one of the largest constituents by volume used in the production of most modern biopharmaceutical products.

This presentation will give an overview of innovative new technologies like single use powder packaging and in-line dilution which can help reduce facility footprint, labor hours and overall cost-of-goods.

This presentation took place as part of 12th Annual Bioprocessing Summit on Thursday, 20th August 2020.

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  Pranav Vengsarkar joined Avantor is December 2016 and is a Manager-Process Development at Avantor Technology & Innovation (T&I). He is focused on product and process development for new cGMP products and excipients. He is also part of development & design teams for single-use raw material delivery systems at Avantor.

Prior to joining Avantor, Pranav worked as a researcher developing and building simulated moving bed chromatography systems as well supercritical fluid processes for oil & gas applications. These experiences have afforded Pranav the opportunity to learn various aspects of manufacturing technology, scale-up and process development. Pranav holds a B. Chem. Engg. degree from ICT, Mumbai and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University.