Regulatory Support

Customers using our products in pharmaceutical production may need to arrange product supply agreements incorporating various levels of change notification or change control for specific products. VWR is happy to discuss such agreements with you. VWR recognises that for compendial products it may be a necessity, depending on the point of use in your process. We are also happy to discuss such agreements for any custom chemical product we supply to you. Customers should be aware that we do not automatically provide any level of notification to customers unless such an agreement is in place. Any final agreement may require a confidentiality agreement depending on the information required. Please be aware that making such agreements is not a fast process so please start the process well in advance of any deadline you may have.

VWR is also happy to support physical audit requests for certain products provided you are an existing customer for the product or products concerned and that the intended use does not cause any concern within VWR. Every year we conduct many such audits with our very demanding pharmaceutical customers, always with positive outcomes. However, because of the large number of both requests and audits, we cannot guarantee a positive response to every request.

For all other BDH Prolabo chemical products such controls or agreements are unlikely to be made. For other brand such as BASF or Alfa it will depend on each companies policies rather than VWR.

If you want to discuss the possibility of a product supply agreement please contact your local account manager or use the email address