Microscopy, Imaging Solutions & Accessories

Microscopy is a technique used in many disciplines.

VWR has an impressive competence in microscopy, offering a full range of products from the most basic of microscopes to sophisticated models, cold light sources, image recording systems, not forgetting the essential consumables such as cover slips and associated handling products.

Our All You Need for Microscopy guide is a handy reference tool containing the entire range. If you would like a copy then please click the following link to request one or to download the flip version.

The microscopy range is fully supported by big brand names and our own VWR Collection.

Microscopes & Digital Microscopes

Find an overview of our microscopes according to your application.


Find an overview of all the different types of cameras available for your daily work.

Product Selection

Microscope Slides

VWR offers a variety of consumables perfect for visually examining your sample.

Slide Holders

Sturdy microscope slide holder designed for drying and cleaning. Slide trays hold 20 or 30 standard microscopy slides (76×26 mm).

Slide Storage

VWR offer a great choice of storage systems for large quantities of slides.

Slide Transport

VWR offer a wide variety of products for shipping standard slides with or without cover glasses.

Slide Markers

Permanent markers for indelibly labelling microscope slides and embedding cassettes with a high contrast black ink and ultra-fine tip.

Immersion Oils

Various types of immersion oils with refractive index (the same as glass) to render it invisible under the microscope.

Staining Solutions

Staining for microscopy has many specific applications.

Mounting/Slide Embedding

VWR offers an extensive range of mountants for histology and cytology.

Prepared Slides For Education

VWR offers a great range of prepared slides for general microbiology, vertebrates and mammals, fresh water plants, insects and more.

Cell culture flasks and dishes

VWR cell culture flasks and dishes to grow and observe your cells

Cameras & Video Heads

VWR offers a large extensive range of cameras and digital viewer with CMOS or CCD technology to cover all customer needs.


Large choice of Binocular and trinocular microscopes designed for routine and research applications.