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VWRCATALYST helps you simplify equipment and instrument services, in and around the laboratory.

Our team specialises in providing a quick and targeted response to your needs. We also offer consultative and customised solutions. This enables you to:

  • Improve efficiency by keeping your equipment in compliance
  • Optimise your budget and maximise your equipment investment

With our extensive and knowlegdable own services departments and network of ISO 9001 / IEC17025 accredited service providers, VWRCATALYST can be your single point of contact for all equipment and instrument service needs.

We are focused on helping you in the following areas:

  • Installation: After a purchase, or after moving to another site we can install your devices and do all neccessary calibration, qualification and certification steps in a correct and documented away to ensure you can work correct and safe.
  • Calibration: Maintain required accuracy of your equipment through periodic calibration. We can customise a solution that meets your specific needs, from basic accuracy checks to ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibrations.                
  • Preventative maintenance: Our customised preventative maintenance program prevents equipment failures and downtime and is key to maximising the life and performance of your equipment and instruments.
  • Repair: We offer professional and certified repair services that will extend the lifecycle of your devices. Either in-house or on-site, to ensure minimal distruption of your daily routines or research.
  • Warranty Management: VWR offers a wide range of laboratory equipment and instruments with full manufacturer warranty. We can assist you in coordinating your warranty services and after-sale service contracts.
  • Equipment Management: VWR can help you to manage all your equipment and instrument assets. You do not need to think about due dates for maintenance or calibration or process manually service orders. And you have full overview of up- and downtime. With our state-of-art, cloub-based VEM software and our service departments we offer this complete solution. Interested? watch the movie and click here, to visit our dedicated VEM page.