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Whether your application is to check the sweetener levels in soft drinks or to monitor the bitterness in beer click below to move to our specialist chromatography microsite.

VWR has been supplying the scientific community with chromatography instruments, consumables, software and services as well as chemicals, reagents and standards for many years. We strive to bring you the best chromatography solutions for your individual needs.

VWR’s has a complete chromatography range, providing you with a total chromatography portfolio of leading manufacturers plus the VWR Collection brand. You get a choice of quality and price as well as advice from chromatography specialists, application laboratories and chromatography service technicians.

Also on the specialist chromatography microsite is a library that has food applications within it. You can also find information and great support tools such as the All You Need for Chromatography brochure that's full of chromatography essentials and all the different techniques such as TLC, HPLC, UHPLC, LC-MS, Flash, GC, Bio chromatography and much more – why don't you take a look!



在您已熟悉的功能和资源基础之上,通过创新对 Avantor®进行优化。 我们的新品牌以敏捷为特色,适应性强,可满足客户不同需求。

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