Pipette tips, Qualitix®

供应商: Socorex

SOCO312.02EA 3000 CNY
SOCO3090.0010T SOCO328.0200B SOCO3070.0200R SOCO3090.0010R SOCO3020.0010PRS SOCO3020.0010B SOCO3070.0200T SOCO3190.1000RS SOCO3080.0200GR SOCO312.05R SOCO3290.0200R SOCO3070.1000R SOCO3020.0010PR SOCO3090.1000R SOCO3070.0200PRS SOCO3070.1000T SOCO3190.1000R SOCO312.02 SOCO3290.0200RS SOCO3290.0200B SOCO319.1000R SOCO3070.1000B SOCO3090.0010PRS SOCO3070.0200RS SOCO3070.0200PR SOCO3090.1000B SOCO3070.1000PRS SOCO3190.1000B SOCO3090.0010RS SOCO3090.0010PR SOCO308.0350B SOCO319.1000B SOCO3070.0200B SOCO3020.0010R SOCO3090.0010B SOCO302.0010GR SOCO3070.1000PR SOCO3070.1000RS SOCO312.10 SOCO312.05B SOCO308.0350R
Pipette tips, Qualitix®
These tips are made of 100% pure virgin, medical grade PP, fitting not only Socorex® but all major micropipette brands.

  • Superior quality, autoclavable
  • Lot by lot consistency
  • Certified free of nuclease, endotoxin and ATP
  • Reduced packaging size, less bench space requirement
  • Broad compatibility with other micropipette brands

Beveled tips: Special shape eliminates liquid drop sticking at tip end.
Fine pointed tips: Have a thin, soft end enabling smooth liquid deposit.

Low binding tips are made with a silicone-free resin reducing surface adhesion. They provide maximal liquid recovery. Best suited for proteomic research and handling of any viscous liquids. Protease-free certified.

Packaging: The tipfill system is intended for easy rack loading. Tip trays are instantly transferred into a rack without risk of contamination. The smart re-closable tipfill system box reduces storage space, waste volume and shipping costs.

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