Gel filtration columns, HiPrep™ with Sephacryl® S-100 HR

供应商: Cytiva
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GEHE17-1165-01 GEHE17-1194-01
Gel filtration columns, HiPrep™ with Sephacryl® S-100 HR
HiPrep™ 16/60 Sephacryl® S-100 HR and HiPrep™ 26/60 Sephacryl® S-100 HR are pre-packed gel filtration columns for preparative separation of biomolecules of up to 5 and 13 ml sample volume respectively. Sephacryl® S-100 is used for separating peptides and small proteins.

  • Maximum recovery and minimum non specific adsorption with long-term chemical and physical stability resulting from the hydrophilic, rigid allyl dextran/bisacrylamide matrix
  • Columns provide reproducible separations over a wide molecular weight range
  • Gel filtration columns for low to medium pressure ÄKTA systems
  • Well-established in industrial production
  • Speed up protein purification

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