Dehydrated culture media, powdered

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Dehydrated culture media, powdered
微生物学媒介 脱水微生物
A range of culture media in compliance with ISO standards and the International Harmonised Pharmacopoeia. All our media are, as you would expect, produced using high quality raw materials and are subject to strict quality controls, in a production environment following Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. Raw materials are selected in compliance with the required standards. Dehydrated culture media should be stored at 10 to 30 °C unless otherwise stated, in their closed containers in a dry environment. Standard pack size is 500 g.

  • Compliant with international standards, such as ISO and Pharmacopoeia
  • Media growth promotion testing performed is compliance with Pharmacopoeias and ISO 11133
  • Available in animal-free standard formulations
  • Custom products available

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