Media supplements for dehydrated culture media

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VWRC84734.0001EA 1608 CNY
VWRC928570NL VWRC84734.0001 VWRC84743.0001 VWRC84724.0001 VWRC85884.0001 VWRC84745.0001 VWRC84744.0001 VWRC84730.0001 VWRC84725.0001 VWRC900010ZK VWRC928580NL VWRC84731.0001 VWRC85860.0001 VWRC84729.0001 VWRC84733.0001 VWRC84728.0001 VWRC84720.0001 VWRC84721.0001 VWRC84722.0001 VWRC85886.0001 VWRC84726.0001 VWRC84746.0001 VWRC84747.0001 VWRC84742.0001 VWRC301950ZK VWRC992830ZF VWRC84723.0001 VWRC84732.0001 VWRC84727.0001 VWRC85861.0001 VWRC928610NL
Media supplements for dehydrated culture media
微生物学媒介 微生物添加剂和补充剂
The isolation of microorganisms often requires the use of specific supplements. The supplements presented here are available in vials and bottles, and the corresponding culture medium to use with them is indicated in the table below. Usually each vial is used to supplement 500 ml of media unless otherwise stated (complete information available on the specification sheets available on request).

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