MicroSpin™ columns

供应商: Cytiva
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MicroSpin™ columns
核酸试剂 核酸纯化试剂盒和试剂
MicroSpin™ columns are designed for the rapid purification of DNA in conjunction with Sephadex™ G-25 DNA grade for use in a wide range of applications, including desalting, buffer exchange and removal of unincorporated nucleotides from end-labelled oligonucleotides.

  • For rapid buffer exchange/desalting of PCR products and other DNAs in a volume of 10 - 100 µl using spin-column and Sephadex™ G-25 DNA Grade (not included)
  • Excellent for rapid purification of newly synthesised oligonucleotides >10 mers in 100 to 150 µl of deprotection solution using spin column chromatography
  • Flexible for your experiments, allowing differing amounts of Sephadex™
  • For desalting/buffer exchange of DNA and removal of unincorporated radionucleotides from end-labelled oligonucleotides (at least 10 bases in length) in a volume of 10 to 100 µl

It can be used for any DNA greater than 10 bases in length and highly suitable for the purification of oligonucleotides or very small DNA fragments following synthesis or a labeling reaction.

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