Ion exchange chromatography columns, Mini Q PE

供应商: Cytiva
Mini Q™
GEHE17-5177-01EA 0 CNY
Ion exchange chromatography columns, Mini Q PE
The Mini Q PE columns are prepacked with MiniBeads™ and are designed for high-performance purification and characterisation of biomolecules by ion exchange chromatography. The small particle size of MiniBeads™ offers the highest resolution.

  • Monodisperse 3 µm nonporous beads yield exceptional resolution, speed, reproducibility and durability
  • PC columns are designed for micropurification
  • Nonporous matrix improves resolution and flow kinetics, better withstands back pressure and minimises non specific adsorption of the sample

Maximum resolution is achieved from the efficiency of small, perfectly spherical monodispersed particles optimally packed in columns coupled with the excellent selectivities of the Q ion exchangers.

Delivery information: Supplied with valco fittings for ÄKTA design systems and M6 connectors for FPLC systems.

Caution: Not suitable for use with ÄKTAprime plus system.

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