Affinity chromatography columns, HiTrap™ MabSelect Xtra™

供应商: Cytiva
HiTrap™ MabSelect Xtra™
GEHE28-4082-60EA 0 CNY
GEHE28-4082-60 GEHE28-4082-61 GEHE28-4082-58
Affinity chromatography columns, HiTrap™ MabSelect Xtra™
HiTrap™ MabSelect Xtra™ columns are prepacked with MabSelect Xtra™, a BioProcess medium for capture of monoclonal antbodies from large sample volumes.

  • Increased dynamic binding capacity with smaller particle size and greater porosity than MabSelect™ medium
  • MabSelect™ Xtra uses the same recombinant protein A ligand as MabSelect™
  • Oriented coupling of recombinant protein A to the matrix via an engineered C-terminal cysteine enhances IgG binding capacity
  • Fewer regulatory concerns due to the total absence of mammalian culture in the ligand production and purification

The increased capacity of the medium is well suited for purification of Mabs from high-level expression feedstock.

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