Airflow check system, Pyramid

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SAS Super
Airflow check system, Pyramid
The microbiological air sampler should be regularly controlled according to Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices to evaluate the correct functionality. The laboratory technician should use an instrument to be sure the air sampler works according to the specifications of the producer. In fact battery faults, falls, etc. can damage the sampler. The Pyramid airflow check system is a easy to use, battery operated system that is applied to calibrate the air samplers SAS. The instrument is composed by two separate units: a fan and a flow meter. The Pyramid is positioned on the top of the sampler: The propeller produces an electric field that is proportional to speed of the air. The system measures the electromagnetic field and calculates the airflow that is presented on the digital visual display (litres per minute or cubic feet per minutes). The battery has an authonomy of 3 years (30.000 tests) and is available with I.Q., O.Q. documentation.

  • Used for internal quality control
  • Measuring time 30 seconds
  • According to Good Laboratory Practice and Good Manufacturing Practice
  • The LCD display can show the results in litres per minutes (l) or cubic feet per minute (CFM)

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