Ion exchange chromatography column selection kit, HiTrap™ Capto™

供应商: Cytiva
GEHE28-9343-88EA 0 CNY
Ion exchange chromatography column selection kit, HiTrap™ Capto™
HiTrap Capto IEX Selection Kit is designed for screening the optimal Capto ion exchange or Cytiva multimodal chromatography resin prior to scale-up.

  • Fast and easy selection. Five prepacked HiTrap columns, each containing a different IEX resin, including multimodal ion exchangers
  • Convenient way to screen for the optimal Cytiva IEX resin for a given application
  • Excellent for optimization studies, buffer composition, pH, flow rate, and other parameters can be optimized with small samples before scale-up
  • HiTrap column format is designed for use with a syringe, peristaltic pump, or chromatography system such as an ÄKTA system

This kit contains a variety of columns prepacked with anion and cation exchange resins, allowing users to screen for the most appropriate column prior to scale-up.

Delivery information: Kit includes five 1 ml HiTrap™ columns prepacked with Capto™ Q (strong anion), Capto™ S (strong cation), Capto™ DEAE (weak anion), Capto™ MMC (multimodal cation), Capto™ adhere (multimodal strong anion), as well as connectors and instructions.

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