Affinity chromatography columns, MBPTrap™ HP

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Affinity chromatography columns, MBPTrap™ HP
MBPTrap™ HP columns prepacked with Dextrin Sepharose™ High Performance provide convenient, high binding capacity, affinity purification of recombinant proteins tagged with maltose binding protein (MBP).

  • Highly pure MBP-tagged recombinant proteins eluted in concentrated form and small volumes
  • Compatible with commonly used buffers and easily regenerated with 0,5 M NaOH
  • Physiological conditions and mild elution preserve the activity of the target protein
  • Convenient, time-saving operation and reproducible results

Dextrin Sepharose High Performance has high binding capacity for MBP-tagged proteins. This robust and stable Sepharose High Performance based resin enables elution of target protein in narrow peaks, which minimizes the need for further concentration steps.

Purification is performed under physiological conditions and the mild elution preserves the activity of the target protein. The mild conditions even allow purification of intact protein complexes. Due to the high specificity of the binding, very high purity of the eluted protein is achieved in just one step. Dextrin Sepharose High Performance and MBPTrap HP are easily regenerated using 0,5 M NaOH.

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