Cell Proliferation Labelling Reagent

供应商: Cytiva
Cell Proliferation Labelling Reagent
检测产品 免疫学检测
The Cell Proliferation Kit is an ICC system for monitoring cell proliferation using monoclonal anti-5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BrdU) to detect BrdU incorporated into cellular DNA.

  • Non radioactive
  • High level of correlation with the number of proliferating cells, with low mean variation
  • As least as sensitive as ³H-thymidine incorporation
  • Immunoassay can be performed in ∼3 hours
  • Use of a multiwell ELISA reader allows a large number of samples to be processed simultaneously

Used in conjunction with RPN20, the reagent allows extended use of the kit where additional amounts of labeling reagent are required, such as in vivo studies.

The antibody contains a nuclease to produce single stranded DNA without the need for chemical denaturation. Cellular morphology is preserved allowing multiple labeling experiments to be carried out. The high-contrast stain produced has sensitivity comparable to autoradiographic methods.

订购须知 Additional labeling reagent and antibody for use with the immunocytochemistry kit are available separately. NOTE: DAB component must be ordered separately.

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