Second messenger quantitation assays, Biotrak™ cAMP and cGMP EIA systems

供应商: Cytiva
Second messenger quantitation assays, Biotrak™ cAMP and cGMP EIA systems
检测产品 酶检测
Eliminate lengthy sample extraction procedures using direct assay technology.

  • RPN22210 does not contain lysis reagent 1 and 2
  • Specific for PGE₂
  • Flexible method – choice of five assay protocols
  • Direct measurement of PGE₂ in plasma
  • Dual-range 1 to 32 pg/well (2 to 8°C protocol)
  • Precise and accurate measurement
  • Ready-to-use substrate
  • Color-coded reagents

Prostaglandin E₂ (PGE₂) competitive Biotrak system enzyme immunoassay system from Cytiva is specifically designed for research purposes. RPN222 includes protocols using novel lysis reagents in order to facilitate simple and rapid extraction of PGE₂ from cell cultures and plasma samples. These components obviate the need for removal of extracting reagents prior to measurement, ensuring PGE₂ is directly available for subsequent analysis. With the method for measurement of PGE₂ in plasma, complex, time-consuming sample preparation procedures are avoided. Each pack of RPN222 contains sufficient material for 96 wells. This allows the construction of one standard curve and the measurement of 37 unknowns in duplicate. Each pack of RPN22210 contains sufficient material for 960 wells. This allows for the construction of one standard curve and the measurement of 37 unknowns in duplicate per plate.

Lysis reagent 1 hydrolyses cell membranes to release intracellular PGE₂, or dissociates PGE₂ from soluble receptors and interfering binding proteins present in plasma. Lysis reagent 2 sequesters the key component in lysis reagent 1 and ensures PGE₂ is free for subsequent analysis. The detergent/sequestrant complex does not interfere with antigen: antibody binding. Lysis reagent 1 is simply added to cultured cells or plasma samples, followed by a ten min incubation before assay. The antisera and PGE₂ peroxidase conjugate are reconstituted with lysis reagent 2. The assay is based on competition between unlabeled PGE₂ and a fixed quantity of peroxidase-labeled PGE₂ for a limited number of binding sites on a PGE₂-specific antibody.

The lysis reagents included in the kits are designed to facilitate simple and rapid extraction of cellular molecules. In addition, the reagents do not need to be removed from samples prior to analysis. Kits are flexible and will work with large numbers of samples.

订购须知 All kits include one vial each of conjugate antiserum, peroxidase conjugate, assay and wash buffer concentrates, standards for acetylation assays, TMB substrate, and one coated 96-well plate. The non-acetylation kits also contain lysis reagents 1 and 2. Direct kits also contain standards for acetylation assays, acetic anhydride, and triethylamine. The cAMP Biotrak EIA (Non-Acetylation Protocol, Lysis Reagents not included) kit includes five coated plates and five vials of non-acetylation standard in addition to the other components listed above.

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