Single channel pipettes, mechanical, variable volume, PIPETMAN® G

供应商: Gilson

GILSF144058M GILSF167800 GILSF167920 GILSF144057M GILSF167360 GILSF144056M GILSF167900 GILSF144059M GILSF144055M GILSF144067 GILSF144054M GILSF144066
Single channel pipettes, mechanical, variable volume, PIPETMAN® G
移液管和移液器 移液器
Mechanical air-displacement pipette which offers robustness, accuracy and precision as well as a very low pipetting force for the highest comfort.

  • Very low pipetting forces thanks to easy glide piston displacement
  • Colour-coded push button ensures easy identification and GLP compliance
  • Made of PVDF and stainless steel
  • Equipped with clip ejector for convenient access to the serviceable parts
  • Blue ring positioned under the thumbwheel allows to identify PIPETMAN® G and to distinguish it from the Classic and Neo models

Pipettes are individually calibrated and delivered with a certificate of conformity. Each pipette bears an engraved identification number for traceability.

订购须知 Models equipped with a tip ejector are only sold with a stainless steel tip ejector. Plastic tip ejectors are available in the accessories. Please note: PIPETMAN P5000G and P10mLG do not have tip ejectors.

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