Single channel pipettes, mechanical, fixed volume, PIPETMAN® F

供应商: Gilson
GILSF123770 GILSF123790 GILSF123784 GILSF123772 GILSF123771 GILSF123607 GILSF123789 GILSF123778 GILSF123788 GILSF123787 GILSF123775 GILSF123606 GILSF123605 GILSF123604
Single channel pipettes, mechanical, fixed volume, PIPETMAN® F
移液管和移液器 移液器
PIPETMAN® F is an air-displacement pipette with high accuracy and precision. Fourteen robust models cover a large volume range from 2 µl to 5000 µl.

  • Long product life and high resistance to aggressive chemicals thanks to stainless steel and PVDF components
  • Ultimate security and consistent results with fixed volume setting
  • Tip holder and tip ejector are fully autoclavable to avoid cross-contamination
  • Airtight seal with unique "dry seal" technology (grease-free)
  • F5000 is equipped with a polyethylene filter that prolongs piston life and prevents contamination
  • Nominal value may be slightly adjusted to compensate for liquids of different density or viscosity

Ideal for any highly repetitive application, such as clinical diagnostics, quality control, and any routine testing.

Recommended for use with DIAMOND tips.

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