Syringe tips, Distritips®, for DISTRIMAN® pipettes

供应商: Gilson
GILSF164130EA 970 CNY
GILSF164130 GILSF164120 GILSF164110 GILSF164100 GILSF164150 GILSF164140
Syringe tips, Distritips®, for DISTRIMAN® pipettes
Accurate PP syringes with volume level indicators. For use with the adjustable repetitive pipettor Distriman® when handling viscous, dense, volatile or hot liquids.

  • Micro 125 µl, Mini 1250 µl and Maxi 12,5 ml tips cover the entire volume range (aliquots from 1 µl to 1,25 ml)
  • More than 100 aliquots can be dispensed from each syringe
  • Free of dyes, no risk of contamination from the components
  • Sterilised tips are individually wrapped and certified free of rNase, DNase, DNA, rNA, ATP, and pyrogens

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