Tracking system for single and multi channel pipettes, Trackman™

供应商: Gilson
GILSF70105EA 170 CNY
GILSF70105 GILSF70261 GILSF70301
Tracking system for single and multi channel pipettes, Trackman™
移液管和移液器 移液管移液器
This system with 16 programming possibilities for pipetting patterns (rows, columns, etc.) is designed specifically to keep users on track as they pipette from one microplate to another. It simplifies work, improves productivity and helps avoid pipetting errors and cross-contamination.

  • Light-weight and ergonomic
  • Intuitive software that requires no training
  • Avoid pipetting errors and cross-contamination
  • Timer function enables hands-free operation
  • Optional foot pedal available for hands free control
  • Long lasting battery allows cordless operation for up to eight hours

Can be used with both 96 and 384 well microplates, and single and multichannel pipettes. Can also be used with 0,5, 1,5 and 2,0 ml tubes with the optional tube holder accessory.

Delivery information: System includes power supply with AC adapter, cable, three reagent reservoirs.

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