Filter tips, PIPETMAN® Diamond

供应商: Gilson

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Filter tips, PIPETMAN® Diamond
These filter tips made from 100% pure virgin PP are designed and manufactured in order to fit Gilson pipettes perfectly. They ensure optimal performance of PIPETMAN® pipettes across the full volume range. The high-density polyethylene filter provides an effective barrier against aerosols.

  • Smooth hydrophobic surface prevents liquid retention and ensures complete dispensing
  • Volume graduations make it easy to visually check the volume pipetted
  • No risk of contamination: Diamond tips are manufactured in a cleanroom
  • Gamma ray sterilised: Indicator dots used on Gilson's products undergo an irreversible colour change upon sterilisation
  • Guaranteed free of DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase, ATP, Pyrogens, dyes, additives and trace metals
  • Easy identification with colour-coded packaging
  • BLISTER refill: 45% less plastic than a regular rack box

TIPACKs are ready-to-use pipette tips in a rack, ready for autoclaving.
BLISTER refills are individually wrapped racks that can be used to quickly reload TIPACK boxes.

订购须知 The empty boxes for the BLISTER refills need to be ordered separately.

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