Protein based chiral HPLC columns, CHIRALPAK® AGP

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Protein based chiral HPLC columns, CHIRALPAK® AGP
These protein-based columns are suitable for separation of basic, acidic and non-protolytic compounds. These columns function entirely in the reversed phase chromatographic mode, using buffers with low organic modifier content and at moderate pH values.

  • Extremely broad applicability for separation of chiral drugs
  • Possibility to dynamically improve enantioseparation
  • Separates enantiomers of an extremely broad range of drug compounds such as amines, acids and non protolytes

CHIRALPAK® AGP is the second generation chiral separation column based on the use of α1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) as the CSP. Through a patented process, α1-AGP has been immobilised on porous, spherical silica particles (5 μm). The surface chemistry of the silica proves a stable chiral separation material with extremely broad applicability.

Racemic amines, acids and non protolytic compounds can be resolved directly, without derivatisation. The column enables resolution of a very large number of chiral compounds from different compound classes. This is due to the unique nature of the CSP, and the fact that enantioselectivity can be induced by choosing a proper mobile phase composition.

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