HPLC columns, Hypersil GOLD™ Amino

供应商: Thermo Scientific
Hypersil GOLD™
HYPE25705-254630EA 0 CNY
HYPE25702-202130 HYPE25705-014001 HYPE25703-014001 HYPE25703-013001 HYPE25702-052130 HYPE25705-154630 HYPE25703-153030 HYPE25703-152130 HYPE25702-152130 HYPE25703-154630 HYPE25705-254030 HYPE25702-102130 HYPE25705-254630
HPLC columns, Hypersil GOLD™ Amino
A high performance aminopropyl phase that gives excellent chromatographic properties in three modes: Weak anion exchange, reversed phase and normal phase.

  • Retains anions and organic acids in weak anion exchange mode when used with common buffers and an organic modifier
  • Excels for carbohydrate analysis in reversed phase mode
  • Offers an alternative selectivity to silica columns in normal phase chromatography

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