HPLC columns, Hypersil GOLD™ C8

供应商: Thermo Scientific
Hypersil GOLD™
HYPE25205-254030EA 0 CNY
HYPE25205-102130 HYPE25202-103030 HYPE25205-052130 HYPE25202-032130 HYPE25203-104630 HYPE25205-154630 HYPE25205-154030 HYPE25203-053030 HYPE25203-033030 HYPE25202-152130 HYPE25205-153030 HYPE25205-054630 HYPE25203-052130 HYPE25203-101030 HYPE25203-014001 HYPE25205-104630 HYPE25202-051030 HYPE25203-103030 HYPE25205-254030 HYPE25203-152130 HYPE25203-012101 HYPE25203-151030 HYPE25205-252130 HYPE25202-054630 HYPE25202-102130 HYPE25202-052130 HYPE25203-154630 HYPE25205-013001 HYPE25203-034630 HYPE25205-011001 HYPE25203-054630 HYPE25205-152130 HYPE25205-014001 HYPE25203-153030 HYPE25202-101030 HYPE25205-012101 HYPE25203-013001 HYPE25205-254630 HYPE25205-053030 HYPE25205-253030 HYPE25203-011001 HYPE25203-102130
HPLC columns, Hypersil GOLD™ C8
Recommended for analytes with medium hydrophobicity or when a less hydrophobic phase is required to obtain optimum retention.

  • Lower hydrophobicity allows compounds to elute quicker from the column
  • Similar selectivity to C18 columns but reduced retention
  • Faster separations, excellent peak shape
  • High efficency, outstanding sensitivity

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