Büchner funnels, PYREX®

供应商: Corning
PYREX® Corning®
CORN36060-150CEA 0 CNY
CORN36060-600M CORN36060-2C CORN36060-3LM CORN36060-2LM CORN36060-30F CORN36060-60C CORN36060-30C CORN36060-60F CORN36060-350F CORN36060-150C CORN36060-350C CORN36060-30M CORN36060-350M CORN36060-150F CORN36060-150M CORN36060-60M CORN36060-2LC CORN36060-15M CORN36060-2F CORN36060-2LF CORN36060-3LF CORN36060-3LC CORN36060-600F CORN36060-15C CORN36060-600C CORN36060-15F
Büchner funnels, PYREX®
漏斗 过滤漏斗 Büchner Funnels
PYREX®, borosilicate glass, with sintered glass disc.

  • No filter papers required
  • Highly resistant to most corrosive reagents including ammonia and concentrated sulphuric acid
  • Very good temperature resistance

Especially useful where filter paper would be attacked by material being filtered. Top edge is beaded.

Caution: Disc should not be subjected to pressure differential in excess of 1,01 bar.

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