Laboratory blenders, Seward Stomacher® 3500

供应商: Seward

SEWA3500/001EA 119600 CNY
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Laboratory blenders, Seward Stomacher® 3500
均质器 实验室搅拌机
Stomacher® lab blenders offer fast reliable blending and homogenisation of a broad range of laboratory samples. The Stomacher® machines work by the action of twin reciprocating paddles on the sample contained inside a sterile plastic bag.

  • 3 year warranty, 10 year service and spare parts
  • Versatile and efficient blending and homogenisation of laboratory samples
  • Safe containment of sample in sterile plastic bag prevents cross-contamination
  • Machines do not need to be cleaned and sterilised between samples
  • No temperature increase
  • Sample volumes from 400 to 3500 ml

The Stomacher® 3500 machines are designed to blend large volumes. There are different models for different applications:

Standard version: Jumbo
Water testing version: Biowasher, designed for Cryptosporidium and Giardia testing
Bioreactor model: Thermo, with integral heater element, specifically designed for Trichinella testing

Stomacher® 3500 Jumbo: The Jumbo Stomacher® has a range of applications in the food industry, where sample sizes greater than standard protocols demand a larger capacity and in the pharmaceutical industry for blending powdery samples.

Stomacher® 3500 'Water' Biowasher: The Water Stomacher® has a larger door capacity than the Jumbo and allows the processing of large samples which can not be compressed, such as water filters, operating theatre gowns or surgical dressings. All of the sample and washing solution is retained inside the bag for further analysis.

Stomacher® 3500 'Thermo' Bioreactor: The Thermo Stomacher® is designed to blend and heat the sample simultaneously. Inside the door there is a thermostatically-controlled heating panel, which can raise the temperature inside the bag from room temperature to 50 °C in 1 °C increments. The Thermo is primarily used in Trichinella testing in pork production but has a range of other applications as a pilot fermentation plant or where an enzyme/acid digestion of a material is required.

Delivery information: Units are supplied complete with two plugs, EU and UK.

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