HPLC columns, Hypersil™ MOS and MOS-2 C8

供应商: Thermo Scientific
HYPE30205-254030EA 0 CNY
HYPE30205-204630 HYPE30205-154030 HYPE30305-014001 HYPE30205-104630 HYPE30205-254630 HYPE30205-254030 HYPE30205-253030 HYPE30305-154630 HYPE30205-154630 HYPE30305-254630 HYPE30205-014001 HYPE30205-054630
HPLC columns, Hypersil™ MOS and MOS-2 C8
Hypersil™ MOS and MOS-2 columns have a monolayer coverage of C8 alkyl chain chemically bonded onto the silica surface for a reproducible and efficient stationary phase. The MOS-2 is endcapped. Both C8 phases exhibit similar selectivity to ODS, but are less retentive. This can often provide reduced time for analyses, particularly for strongly hydrophobic analytes.

  • Reliable, less retentive phase
  • Long column lifetimes, even under basic conditions
  • Dependable and affordable

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