Single channel pipettes, electronic, variable volume, E4™ XLS™

供应商: Mettler-Toledo
E4™ XLS™
RAIN17014484EA 0 CNY
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Single channel pipettes, electronic, variable volume, E4™ XLS™
移液管和移液器 移液器
The E4™ XLS™ is an electronic pipette that can be upgraded and expanded right from the PC. Available as standard versions or with LTS LiteTouch System for lower ejection forces.

  • Large screen, joystick control and carousel menus speed access to all modes and options
  • True Manual™ pipetting mode permits continuous Real Time control of pipetting speed and direction, combined with precise volume measurement
  • Independent control of aspirate, dispense and mix speeds for challenging liquids
  • Blowout and automatic dispensing options for precision pipetting protocols
  • Ergonomic fingerhook and joystick provide maximum comfort

Standard functions include basic pipetting, multi-dispensing, and mixing. Advanced functions include sequential volume programming, fixed volume, titration, dilution and reverse mode pipetting.

Delivery information: Supplied with Li-Ion battery and wall power supply. An optional charging stand is available separately.

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