Titrator, digital

供应商: Hach
HACH1690001EA 1875 CNY
Titrator, digital
This titrator uses a high-precision dispensation device and cartridges that contain concentrated titrants to allow analyses in the lab, the plant or the field. Accurate titrations are made without the bulk and fragility of conventional burettes.

  • Interchangeable cartridges allow you to change titrants in seconds; no cleaning or rinsing of burettes
  • More than 50 parameter/range combinations are available
  • Each cartridge contains approximately 13 ml of titrating solution, enough for 50 to 100 average titrations
  • End-Point is easy to determine: Number used for calculation of sample concentration is recorded directly from the titrator's digital counter
  • For many methods, the displayed value is the concentration
  • Accuracy: ±1% (Uncertainty of readings is 1 digit; most samples require more than 100 digits)

Delivery information: Supplied with hard-sided carrying case, manual, and five straight delivery tubes.

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