Magnetic stirring bars sets, IKAFLON®

供应商: IKA
IKAA4488800EA 115 CNY
IKAA4488900 IKAA4488800 IKAA4488700 IKAA4488600 IKAA4497400 IKAA4495000 IKAA4493200 IKAA4497000 IKAA4495400 IKAA4497200 IKAA4493000 IKAA4495200 IKAA4493400 IKAA4495600 IKAA4497800 IKAA4493800 IKAA4489300 IKAA4494000 IKAA4496400 IKAA4496600 IKAA4494400 IKAA4496000 IKAA4492200 IKAA4498400 IKAA4494200 IKAA4496200 IKAA4489200 IKAA4494800 IKAA4489100 IKAA4492600 IKAA4489000 IKAA4494600 IKAA4496800 IKAA4492800
Magnetic stirring bars sets, IKAFLON®
搅拌器 磁力搅拌子
Glass or PTFE-coated stirring bars. Used in wide range of applications. Available in 5/set or 1/set.

  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Beaker line bars are autoclavable
  • Temperature resistant, suitable for high and low temperature applications

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