HPLC columns, Avantor® Partisil® and Avantor® Partisphere®

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Avantor® Partisphere Avantor® Partisil
HICH4601-1001EA 9438 CNY
HICH4601-1001 HICH4621-1507 HICH4621-1508 HICH4681-0505 HICH4227-001 HICH4681-0502 HICH4522-0102 HICH4235-001 HICH4222-227 HICH4222-228 HICH4222-225 HICH4522-0202 HICH4224-001 HICH4228-001 HICH4223-001 HICH4682-1502 HICH4215-001 HICH4621-1501 HICH4232-125 HICH4621-1502 HICH4682-1507 HICH4621-1505 HICH4682-1505 HICH4621-0505 HICH4681-1507 HICH4621-0507 HICH4621-0508 HICH4681-1505 HICH4681-1502 HICH4238-001 HICH4225-001 HICH4681-1501 HICH4227-001M HICH4216-001 HICH4222-232 HICH4229-001 HICH4681-1509 HICH4230-125 HICH4141-001 HICH4230-126 HICH4226-001 HICH4239-001 HICH4230-120 HICH4120-001 HICH4621-0501 HICH4621-0502 HICH4230-124 HICH4621-0503
HPLC columns, Avantor® Partisil® and Avantor® Partisphere®
Commercially available spherical silicas and it continues to provide and reproducible, high efficiency separations, Avantor® Partisphere® columns are available in a wide range of surface chemistries including two application specific phases.

  • Easy to use
  • Spherical 5 µm porous silica
  • Increased column lifetime

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