Tablet system for remote control of VWR balances

VWRI611-2792EA 9406 CNY
Tablet system for remote control of VWR balances
The innovative VWR Tablet System expands the capability of selected VWR balances by increasing the functionality and applications available using dedicated software and the now familiar 7 inch tablet touch screen technology. The small Tablet System provides an economical, powerful and space saving alternative to external computer control or use of more elaborate balances with larger displays.

VWR Balances compatible with the Tablet System
LA analytical balances , LCD display, from 0,0001 g to 0,01 g resolution (but not LAG balances)
LPW precision balances, LCD display, 0,001 g resolution (but not LPG, LPCG or LPWG balances)
LP precisions balances, LCD display, from 0,001 g to 0,1 g resolution (including VWRI611-2312, VWRI611-2313, VWRI611-2314, VWRI611-2315, VWRI611-2316)
SE balances 611-2602 and 611-2604
IS series High Capacity balances
Please note that the VWR Tablet system is not accredited/suitable for use with verified or EC-type approved balances []

The tablet has wifi and Bluetooth® connections and the Tablet System can be easily updated and applications upgraded via the internet, without the sometimes necessary purchase of a new balance. New Applications will be developed infuture to be installed to expand capabilities of selected balances.

Expand the capability and versatility of existing VWR balances
Connect to balance and the tablet automatically recognises the balance (no need to configure)
Easy to use touch screen technology
Weighing data and configuration of weighing operations are shown on a large 7 inch touch screen display
Screenshots can be easily taken and sent by email for fast comunication of work data to colleagues
The tablet can retrieve data and information relevant to measurements/ongoing studies via internet - no need to move from another working location
Instructions, in different languages, for various functions are stored in the tablet and accessible directly from the interface easily and quickly

Delivery information: The Tablet System includes the 7 inch tablet multi-touch screen, with Android operating system; Tab-Box connecting interface complete with cables to connect the Balance to the tablet; pre-installed Application with functions as described below; tilting tablet support.

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