VWR® DO 220/DO 220 M, 氧测量仪,手持式,带光传感器

供应商: VWR

VWRI664-0227EA 31207.97 CNY
VWRI664-0227 VWRI664-0170 VWRI664-0168 VWRI664-0169 VWRI664-0225 VWRI664-0226
VWR® DO 220/DO 220 M, 氧测量仪,手持式,带光传感器
电化学仪器 溶解氧测量仪

  • IP 67防水外壳,分段式LCD显示屏可同时显示溶氧值和温度值
  • 50 / 250条可查看数据集记忆
  • 传感器盖的系数由终端用户手动录入仪器;传感器盖需12 - 16月更换一次
  • 100小时电池寿命;低电指示器
  • 电极偏移识别;自动锁定和储存显示器读数

Additional functions of DO 220 M:
- Extended memory capacity (250 data sets)
- Waterproof USB port for transferring data to a PC (no software required)
- Real time clock for saved data
- Recalibration reminder (selectable from 0 to 60 days)

Warranty: 3 years for instruments and 6 months for electrodes/probes/cables.

Delivery information: 交付信息:采用携带式仪器箱包装,随附带光学溶解氧传感器,包括1 m或4 m电缆。

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