Tubing, silicone, platinum cured, pharma grade, Nalgene™

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Tubing, silicone, platinum cured, pharma grade, Nalgene™
胶管 Transfer Tubing
Silicone, platinum cured.

  • Can be sterilised by most methods, including autoclaving, gamma-irradiation, and EtO
  • Intended for repeated use
  • Max. Pressure at 73 °F 23 °C: 1,0342 bar

Platinum-cured silicone tubing is flexible, durable, and translucent. This high-purity tubing is ideal for a variety of transfer applications such as pharmaceutical, laboratory, and bioprocess manufacturing. Excellent elastic memory and resiliency coupled with low hysteresis and compression set ensure that fluid transfers are reliable and accurate every time.

Tubing is manufactured, double-bagged, and sealed in an ISO Class 7 clean room.

Certifications: Meets USP 87 Cytotoxicity (Agar Diffusion and MEM Elution methods); USP 88 Class VI; USP 661 (Physicochemical Tests); ISO10993-3 (Bacterial Mutagenicity – AmesAssay); ISO10993-4 (Hemolysis Direct Contact), EP 3.1.9 (Silicone Elastomer for Closures and Tubing), and FDA CFR 177.2600

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