Powered air purifying respirators (PAPR), Junior B series

供应商: Honeywell Safety
DALLA114400 DALLA114200 DALLA114201
Powered air purifying respirators (PAPR), Junior B series
呼吸器 电动送风呼吸器
Heavy duty air hoods range designed for use with powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) as Compact Air 200, Compact Air and Compact Air. This model offers protection to the head, the shoulders and the neck. It is equipped with full safety helmet. This system procures air to the user via the supply hose connected between PAPR (equipped with filters) and the hood. The filtered airflow enters by the front of the hood and leaves the hood via the face collar or the neck bib.

  • Soft washable neck bib with elastic security cord and unique system of spring-loaded clamps for disposable visors
  • Wide field of vision; the disposable visor-system allows removal during operations and protects the main hood visor against damage and/or splashes
  • Full face seal ensures a protective overpressure all around the face protecting
  • Equipped with a full safety helmet which protect against shocks and impact

This model has a good oils and chemical resistance and is usable over a wide range of temperature and physical toughness. Recommended in working area where protection is required for respiratory organs, face and head against harmful particles, mists, gases and vapours.

Certifications: EC Category PPE3; EN 12941.

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