Sample storage convenience kits

供应商: Thermo Scientific
NSCAB7990-2EA 490 CNY
NSCAB7990-12A NSCAB7990-6A NSCAB7990-1A NSCAB7990-2A NSCAB7990-6 NSCAB7800-20 NSCAB7990-5 NSCAB7800-2 NSCAB7800-2A NSCAB7800-3 NSCAB7800-3A NSCAB7990-12 NSCAB7800-4A NSCAB7990-4 NSCAB7990-3 NSCAB7800-12A NSCAB7990-2 NSCAB7990-1 NSCAB7800-6 NSCAB7800-5
Sample storage convenience kits
These sample storage unassembled convenience kits save time during sample preparation.

  • Solid top convenience kits include matched quantities of vials and screw caps with pre-assembled septa
  • Open top convenience kits contain shrink-wrapped vials and separately packaged caps and septa in polybags

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