Syringe filters, Target2™

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Target2™ Target®
NSCAF2513-5 NSCAF2513-14 NSCAF2513-6 NSCAF2513-15 NSCAF2513-7 NSCAF2513-16 NSCAF2513-8 NSCAF2513-17 NSCAF2513-1 NSCAF2513-2 NSCAF2504-15 NSCAF2513-3 NSCAF2513-4 NSCAF2500-50 NSCAF2500-16 NSCAF2500-17 NSCAF2500-12 NSCAF2500-13 NSCAF2504-16 NSCAF2500-14 NSCAF2500-15 NSCAF2504-6 NSCAF2500-9 NSCAF2504-5 NSCAF2500-8 NSCAF2504-4 NSCAF2504-3 NSCAF2500-7 NSCAF2504-8 NSCAF2504-7 NSCAF2500-2 NSCAF2500-1 NSCAF2504-2 NSCAF2500-6 NSCAF2500-5 NSCAF2504-1 NSCAF2502-3 NSCAF2500-4 NSCAF2502-2 NSCAF2500-3 NSCAF2502-1
Syringe filters, Target2™
过滤器 注射器过滤器
These syringe filters have a PP housing.

  • Each lot is tested for both physical properties and UV detectable extractables
  • Solvent resistant
  • Membranes are available with 1,0 μm glass prefilter for high solid samples

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