Caps for solvent safety bottles, Q-Series

供应商: Diba Industries
OMNI00938Q-2 OMNI00938Q-4 OMNI00938Q-3 OMNI00945Q-4V OMNI00932Q-3V OMNI00945Q-2 OMNI00945Q-4 OMNI00945Q-3V OMNI00945Q-3 OMNI00945Q-2V
Caps for solvent safety bottles, Q-Series
外壳 瓶盖
Outer PP cap with PTFE inner body.

  • Optional valves offer easy on-off control of individual fluid lines, ideal for selecting flow or for closing off lines prior to removing caps to change or re-fill solvent bottles
  • Robust threaded ports for standard ¹/₄"-28 UNF threaded fitting nuts and adaptors give a secure connection ideal for repeated connect / disconnect
  • Optional screw-in check valve and filter accessory enables pressure equalization while keeping the system closed and preventing both particulate contamination and evaporation of expensive or harmful chemicals

Open solvent bottles can allow harmful solvent vapor to escape and chemicals to be spilled. bottle caps and accessories help prevent these problems and give you the security of a safe and dependable solvent delivery system. Caps can be used on the supply side to provide closed delivery systems for safe supply of solvents. An optional check valve and filter enables pressure equalization and prevents contamination. Caps can also be used for safe disposal of solvent waste, providing a closed waste system.

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