Nunc™ Universal Tubes, Low Profile

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Nunc™ Universal Tubes, Low Profile
管子 试验/取样管
Tubes PP/Rack PC/PP. Low profile 5,0 ml externally-threaded universal tubes provide a robust solution for solid or liquid sample storage. Available in configurations that meet your tracking and packaging requirements, the low profile universal tube features 2D barcodes, graduations, a white patch for labelling, and a wide mouth design for easy addition and extraction of sample material. Its externally-threaded design minimizes contamination risk in manual handling procedures. The tubes and rack are rated for storage down to vapor phase liquid nitrogen temperatures.

  • Flexible tube design
  • Innovative cap design
  • Secure tracking
  • Product is certified to be free of RNase/DNase and endotoxins

Wide mouth provides easy access using forceps for adding approximately three 1 mm sections of tissue, plant material or other solid sample for storage, Overall tube height of less than 50 mm and U-bottom shape allows convenient access with standard length pipette tips when used for liquid storage, Available with or without a 2D barcode, Include printed graduations and white writable surface for manual sample identification.

Can be purchased in universal style latch rack or in bulk to meet your sample handling requirements, The cap features automation-friendly screw top that is compatible with Nunc capping and decapping equipment, The tube with the externally threaded cap is designed for cryostorage down to the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, Permanently bonded, unique 2D barcode is laser-etched on base of tube to securely identify and track samples.

Now available in a barcoded rack to allow tracking of the rack in addition to individual tubes, Thermo Scientific 2D barcode reader instantly decodes each tube's barcode, transferring tube information into your application or database, Tubes include white writable space for sample information in addition to, or instead of, using 2D barcodes, 2D barcodes are scanned after manufacturing to ensure readability, Barcodes are checked against database of previously assigned codes to prevent duplicates, Tubes are leak-tested to ensure sample integrity and security.

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