Deionizer, B-Pure™

供应商: Thermo Scientific
BARND4522-33 BARND4511 BARND4505
Deionizer, B-Pure™
超纯水系统 去离子器
These B-Pure™ laboratory-grade water systems are designed for pre-treatment or deionization application needs. The design provides the ability to add additional holders when the need arises. Choose from single, double or half-size holders.

  • Easily change cartridges with the simple quarter turn quick release canisters
  • Quarter-turn quick-release canisters make cartridge changes easy
  • Accepts Pura-Lite™ indicator or digital purity meter to monitor water quality

Single module: Simple system without draw-off valve or purity indicator and produces up to 4 l/min.

Double module: Complete with draw-off valve and produces up to 4 l/min. Choose from models with digital purity meter or Pura-Lite 'Go/No Go' resistivity indicator.

Half-Size holder: Easily attaches to full-size B-Pure systems and produces up to 2 l/min. It is small size for flexibility in mounting location.

订购须知 Cartriges are sold seperately.

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