VWR® SeraFree, Cryopreservation Media

供应商: VWR
VWRCN655-50MLEA 6180 CNY
VWR® SeraFree, Cryopreservation Media
SeraFree cryopreservation media is ready to use freezing media for cryopreservation of adherent or suspension cultured cells. The animal-free media composition eliminates batch-to-batch variability and is optimised for cell viability and cell growth after thawing. Suitable for use in environments that prohibit the use of animal-derived products.

  • Sterile and endotoxin tested
  • Ready to use, animal-free, RPMI- or DMEM-based media
  • Optimises cell growth and cell viability after thawing
  • Reduces potential for transmission of infectious diseases

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