VWR® Adapt-A Rack®, 试管架

供应商: Avantor

VWR® Adapt-A Rack®
VWRI525-0703EA 285.65 CNY
VWRI525-0703 VWRI525-0702 VWRI525-0709 VWRI525-0708 VWRI525-0707 VWRI525-0706 VWRI525-0705 VWRI525-0704
VWR® Adapt-A Rack®, 试管架
架子 Tube Racks

  • Capable of holding tubes from 12 to 30 mm (approx. 5 to 50 ml) in the same well
  • The slot can hold round, flat, conical and even skirted tubes
  • Link together to create as large or as small a rack as needed
  • A large range of colours available for end user, application or department identification
  • Open sides allow easy label viewing

  • 能在一个孔中固定12-30mm(约5-50ml)的管
  • 槽可固定圆形、扁平、锥形甚至带边缘的管
  • 连接在一起,形成所需的架尺寸
  • 为最终用户、应用或部门识别提供各种颜色
  • 开口侧,易于查看标签

An innovative flexible multi-tube rack that is capable of holding different sized tubes in each available slot, as well as literally adapting to your tube size to hold firmly in the upright position. Each rack has four available slots which can accommodate tubes from 12 to 30 mm in diameter. Racks in a single colour or two tone colours are available.

Delivery information: Each rack supplied in a pack of 2.

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