Ultrapure water systems, Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™

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Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™
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Ultrapure water systems, Barnstead™ Smart2Pure™
超纯水系统 纯水和超纯水系统
The Barnstead Smart2Pure system is a compact system that converts tap water into both ASTM Type I and Type II water. It produces 3 or 6 liters of ultra-pure water per hour.

  • Validated 0,2 µM final filter can be autoclaved up to 5 times
  • UV-Oxidation reduces organic compounds in the water to ultra-low levels as well as microorganisms and their metabolites (on UV systems only)
  • Internal ultrafilter (UF) is flushed automatically and has a large surface area to ensure the highest retention of endotoxins and nucleases (on UF systems only)
  • Dispensing is easy and features variable speed controlled flow
  • Display can be tilted for optimal reading
  • Space-saving design: Can be positioned on the bench or mounted to the wall

Smart2Pure 3 and 6 systems feature a built-in 6 L reservoir to store the Type 2 water. The Smart2Pure 12 system can be combined with a 30 or 60 L reservoir for added storage capacity.

Water purification progresses through independent cartridges with Aquastop quick-connect for fast replacement:
- Module 1 offers a combination of pre-treatment and the reverse osmosis membrane
- Module 2 includes a polishing cartridge that contains high quality ultrapure resin for consistent purity and long cartridge life

Ideal for molecular biology, microbiology and analytical chemistry applications.

Delivery information: Systems include RO/pre-treatment cartridge, an ultrapure polisher cartridge, sterile 0,2 µM filter, and UV lamp and/or UF filter where applicable. 3 and 6 L/h version also include an internal 6 L tank with vent filter.
Smart2Pure™ Pro systems are complete systems including a 30 or 60 L reservoir.

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