EPA vials with PP cap

供应商: EP Scientific
EPSCS146-0060EA 1371 CNY
EPSCS246-0060 EPSC141-40A/EP EPSC141-60A EPSC140-40C/EP EPSC141-40A/TS EPSC140-40C EPSC140-40C/TS EPSC139-20C/EP EPSC139-20C EPSC140-40CTS EPSCLB336-0040 EPSC139-20A/EP EPSC341-60A EPSC341-40A EPSC140-40C/DB EPSC141-40A/DB EPSC341-40A/DB EPSC139-20A/CT EPSC139-20A EPSCS146-0060 EPSC141-40A/CT EPSC140-40C/CT EPSCS246-0040 EPSC139-20C/CT EPSCGVB-100A
EPA vials with PP cap
小瓶 水取样瓶
The EPA vials are ideal for water sample collection for volatile organic analysis. The vials with unbonded septa have a molded-in retainer ring to keep septa firmly in place while allowing septa to be removed and replaced as needed. Also there are vials with the septum permanently bonded to the cap for secure sealing.

  • Used for water sample collection for volatile organic analysis (VOA)
  • Amber vials protect light-sensitive analytes from break-down
  • Open-top white PP cap with standard 3,18 mm thick silicone lined PTFE septum
  • Directly compatible with automation
  • Closures are assembled to vials

Delivery information: Certificate of analysis (CofA) included in the case and barcoded with lot number for traceability. Analysis labels are included unattached for optional use. (only for certified vials)

Packaging: Carton is sealed with security tape providing tamper evidence. Each vial is individually barcoded with lot number and unique container number. (only for certified vials)

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